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We arrange a lot of mortgages for home buyers in Mississauga. In the last five years, housing prices have shot up dramatically for homes in Mississauga and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Given skyrocketing home prices and tighter mortgage rules, it's become increasingly more difficult to obtain approval for a new mortgage. When [...]

I do a lot of shopping at Square One Shopping Centre in Mississauga. My go-to store, like a lot of people, is Walmart because I can pick up household items as well as my groceries at the same time. Every time I get up to the cash register to pay, the cashier will smile and [...]

It seems like renovations are on everyone's minds these days, fueled by an endless selection of home-improvement and flipping shows on television. I have to admit, watching home makeovers gives me the sudden urge to run to the nearest Home Depot. Most Canadians don't have a ton of cash lying around, so refinancing your home [...]

When renewal time rolls around, most homeowners literally sleepwalk through the process without jumping on the opportunity to look for a better alternative.  Did you know that by simply shopping around for a different lender, you could get: A better mortgage rate A better term Better mortgage features No costs to switch I don't know [...]

I know that getting approved for a mortgage is an exciting time. Moving to a new house is always filled with anticipation and there's a lot to plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Here are 5 things you MUST NOT do during the time period between when you were approved and when you move [...]

Don't get me wrong, I like the banks. Within 200 metres you'll always be able to find an ATM, which is quite useful when it's a hot summer day and the ice cream truck rolls by (can summer arrive any sooner?!).   The banks issue me a shiny debit card that allows me to make [...]

Most people make their mortgage payments on a monthly basis, but did you know that even slightly increasing the frequency of your mortgage payment could save you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your mortgage?  Lets look at the different payment frequencies that are available and we'll see later how they impact the bottom [...]

Nothing is more rewarding than home ownership.  Along with the pride that comes with owning your own property, you also have the freedom to renovate and design the home the way you like it. More importantly, you have an asset that will increase in value and bring you enjoyment and equity for years to come. [...]

Banks are in the business to make money, don't ever forget that.  When a bank agrees to lend you money for the purchase of a home, you can be sure that their calculations have been thorough and deliberate, and they know exactly how much money they stand to make from you over the course of [...]

No, it's not a loan to build real bridges! Bridge financing is provided by the lender when you're stuck in limbo because you need to move into your new house before you receive all the money from the sale of your old house. Lets use an example to better illustrate. Imagine you've sold your little [...]